SHIMMER Non Caustic Dishwasher Powder from

SHIMMER will produce excellent soil removing results without the long term corrosion problems some dishwash powders can suffer from. This corrosian is often noticable on glassware that simply looks dull after a period of time. 
Our dishwash powder will actually polish glassware as it washes. We have utilised the power of not one, but two,
enzymes in this product to completely remove all common soiling and to leave your pots and pans, crockery,
cutlery and glassware sparkling clean. Scale buildup is non existed as we have
used special anti-scaling agents to prevent this from happening.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE- Shimmer is very economical to use.
Simply add 1-2 teaspoons in your wash compartment and 1-2 teaspoons in your pre-wash compartment.
If there is no pre-wash compartment simply place on the door of the machine. More may be required for heavily soiled items, greasy items or in hardwater areas.